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What is PVC Roll?

Soft and dry PVC rolls

PVC rolls are divided into dry and soft types and are produced in different thicknesses from 100 microns to 500 microns (0.5 mm) for dry PVC and 0.5 mm to 6 mm for soft PVC.Due to the variable dimensions of the goods for packaging, PVC shrink rolls are also offered in widths of 30-60-90-100-120 to 200 cm.These types of rolls are mostly used in industrial products such as plastic and electronic components. It can be used in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products in case of direct contact of the product with PVC roll.

Transparent PVC

Plain transparent sheet and one-sided patterned PVC are produced and supplied in different dimensions, colors and designs.

Features of soft PVC roll

  1. Soft PVC rolls are a product that is obtained from a combination of polymeric materials and additives and is produced in two forms: transparent (transparent) and opaque (colored).
  2. One of the main features of this product is resistance to moisture, sun and oily materials, which is often used as a protective agent (upholstery and car tent seat cover).
  3. Another property is its softness and flexibility, which allows it to be sewn and welded (press), so it is used for packaging many items and products.
  4. Due to its high strength, it is used as an industrial curtain in cold stores.

Hard PVC film

One of the types of packaging films is rigid PVC film or (Rigid PVC Film). From which in industries such as pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging and…. is used.Because PVC film has good mechanical properties and also shows good resistance against many chemicals, it is used in the above industries. For more information about the collection, please call 09124925029 – 021366672323.
PVC rolls are used in pharmaceutical chemicals, food sector, technical industries and so on. You will find the most popular products below.

Achilles Seiden Crystal - Double Sided Antistatic

Achilles Seiden Crystal is antistatic on both sides and helps with many of its application options.This PVC roll has excellent flexibility and transparency and is fire resistant. A number of options are available for Achilles Seiden Crystal, including a UV filter and more protection against mold and bacteria.PVC is available in different thicknesses from 0.1 mm to 3.0 mm.

Electric PVC conductor

Flexible PVC roll is driven by electric carbon grid pattern. PVC crystal base is due to its high fire resistance. The combination of properties makes a high quality product provide very effective protection. Achilles Seiden F is also available with double-sided printing and can also be supplied with a UV filter. The thickness of the material is different in each type.Are you looking for an antistatic roll for the environment in which you want to determine the amount of light you have, for example for the test environment? Then choose PVC.

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