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Paperboard box

Types of cardboard are divided into three categories based on the type of cardboard used, and each of these products is used in its own industry.

Gray back Paperboard box

These types of boxes are made of gray Paperboard in weights of 230,250,280,300,350,400,500 grams. Consumption of cardboard is according to the customer’s order and based on the weight of the products inside the box and different packages.Some features and characteristics:
  • Hardness and softness of cardboard (due to its heat)
  • Transparency
  • High circulation
  • Usually with a white upper and a gray back
  • Packed in pallets and in plastic film layers
  • It is usually packaged in rolls and sheets.

White back Paperboard box

These boxes are produced by white back cardboard in the weights of 230,250,280,300,350,400,500 grams. On the inside of this box, there is a white cover, which is mostly visible in the boxes whose view is visible. , Used.White back cardboard boxes usually: have more hygienic and appearance parameters than gray back cardboard boxes, which has made it commonly used in hard medicine and health boxes.Some features and characteristics:Hardness and softness of cardboard (due to its heat) Transparency High circulation White upper and lower surface It is packed in pallets and layers of plastic films. It is usually produced in the form of rolls and sheets.

Inverboard Paperboard box

Another type of cardboard is used in health packaging and is licensed by the Ministry of Health of Iran. Inboard board cardboard, which is often known as indelboard in our country. Such as gray cardboard) is used and on the other two sides, a layer of white or pea palette with a higher percentage of palette is used.

Examples of cardboard boxes

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