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Creative product packaging with 10 clever ideas (Part 2)

Pay attention to your last purchase. What made you buy? Did you really need that item or other factors, such as the packaging of your product? Creative packaging of various products: food, health and cosmetics and…. They have an amazing impact on your choice of shopping.Sometimes the design on the cover and package of products evokes certain emotions that, despite the similarity of the contents of the package, the desire to buy a particular product is formed in you. For example, you may have experience buying a beautiful shampoo bottle simply because of its attractive appearance. The packaging of the products in a significant way, awakens a special feeling in the buyer; To attract his attention and senses. Packaging of food and other products is very important in sales and marketing.Here are some great examples of creative product packaging:

1. Breaking the restrictions

Do not worry if your product closes your hand a little to express creativity in packaging. The fact is that there is no limit to creativity. Just find a way to express creativity in product packaging. For example, if your product is soap, you do not need to have repetitive clichés on the packaging. You can show creativity in packaging by using all kinds of boxes and packages and of course the designs on it.

2. Being new and new

To make your design look modern and fresh in packaging, you need to use simple and clear text fonts, lines and colors. For example, in the packaging of the image above, simplicity has become a tool to attract the attention of the audience, so that everyone is curious to know the contents of the package and see what product is suitable for consumers.

3. Use of different materials and textures

You can also be creative in choosing the material of the packages. The use of different materials and textures will create a unique sensory experience in the audience. For example, in this example, the use of new and interesting texture and sex in the packaging causes the customer to engage with it in addition to the visual experience of seeing the packaging in terms of touch.

4. The use of colors and the attractiveness of the product itself

Some products, such as candies in different colors, have the capacity to be used in attractive packaging design. For example, when you produce candies in different colors, in the packaging of your products, you can act in such a way that this difference and color is visible to the audience.

5. Pay attention to the roots

In packaging the products, pay attention to the main material and the root of the product. The use of designs that remind the product of its connection with nature, while implicitly presenting the quality of the material, evokes a good sense of familiarity. In this image and health and beauty products with the help of natural colors and designs in nature, a sense of organicity and health of the product is created in the audience.

6. Using creativity

Creativity is the key to growth in the recent world. A variety of products in different markets will only succeed and be successful if they are creative. For example, in the picture above, for packing milk soap, it is designed in the shape of an ice cream, which is very interesting to the audience.

7. Pay attention to the inside of the package

The inside of the package is just as important as the outside. Especially if your product is made up of different components, it is better to put each part in a separate place in the inner packaging and get help from different and attractive colors. Note the example in the image above.

8. Dual purpose application

Another good idea that is useful in product packaging is multi-purpose packaging. For example, you can design the packaging material of the detergent container in such a way that after completing the contents of the package, its function will change to a pot. You can see in the figure that these containers can be turned into pots after consumption.

9. Play with the audience's senses

Try to engage all five senses of the audience. Visual, tactile, olfactory and charm; All together will be very useful. Try to attract the audience’s attention to the package with an interesting and fun design and persuade them to buy and choose the product.

10. Demonstrate the product itself

Sometimes there is no need for special designs for product packaging. That is, it is enough to show the product itself in a specific package to display its quality and beautiful shape and attract the audience. If the quality and design of the product itself is very impressive and appropriate, you do not need to use special packaging to persuade the audience to buy. This story continues.

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