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Comprehensive guide to corrugated cardboard boxes

Have you just started your business and need proper packaging for your products? Do you want to update your information about different types of packaging? We are ready to help! As a manufacturer of corrugated cardboard packaging, we have gained a wealth of experience and frequently asked questions about the types of packaging. Today we are going to give you all the information you need about corrugated cardboard boxes.While you may think that the packaging of your product is just a cardboard box and nothing more, we have to say that cardboard and corrugated cardboard are different. Cardboard is a durable paper for heavy work and is actually used in the form of durable shipping boxes. Corn leaf boxes and breakfast cereals are a good example of a cardboard box.Corrugated cardboard box is much more durable and has at least two components: liner and medium. The liner is a flat material that is usually applied to the outer surface of the cardboard (but in some more durable types it may also be present on the inner surface) and a medium is placed between the liners. The medium forms the arched section between the liners, which is called the “flute” and plays an important role in strengthening. When these separate sheets are glued together, corrugated cardboard is made and then turned into a corrugated cardboard box with custom designs that can withstand all kinds of steps such as transport, impact and even fall; Lots of things that breakfast cereal box is defenseless against!It is important to be aware of these differences when ordering a box for packaging. No one likes to move their valuables from one city to another with simple cardboard boxes.

Familiarity with the basics of corrugated cardboard boxes

Now that you know you need a corrugated cardboard box, you need to find out which type of box is right for you. There are several factors involved in making the box you need exactly, and therefore they are highly customizable.Whether you want a slightly thinner box so you can reduce shipping costs, or a thicker, more durable cardboard box with more protection, there is a specific type of box that works for each application.It is not bad to get acquainted with flutes first. The most common flutes used today are A, B, C, E and F. It should be noted that flute A is the largest. The size of the flute determines the wall thickness of your corrugated box as well as its strength. Flute A is the first corrugated and thickest flute. It is about 5 mm thick and is a good choice for products that need more lamination for protection.The Type B flute was originally designed specifically for products that did not require a box to support their weight. Flute B is about 3.2 mm thick and is a popular choice for die-cast designs.Flute C is about 4 mm thick and is known today as a versatile and versatile flute. Although flute C is after flute B, it is slightly thicker and has 38 flutes per square foot, while the number of flutes per square meter of flute B is 47.The newest types of flutes are E and F, which are 1.6 mm and 0.8 mm thick, respectively. These types of flutes are commonly used for store packaging of products because it is possible to print different expressions and images with high image resolution on them.Another issue to consider is the type of cardboard. There are 4 types of cardboard that are used to make corrugated cardboard boxes. The most common types have one or two walls.

Types of corrugated cardboard boxes

One-sided: In this type of cardboard, a liner sheet is attached to a corrugated flute sheet. The final product is usually sold in rolls and can be wrapped around suitable goods to protect them with the layers created.Single wall: A corrugated flute sheet is glued between two liner sheets. Single-walled cardboard is the most common type of cardboard on the market and can be used to make a variety of boxes, such as transport boxes and packaging for retailers and stores.Double wall: To make this type of cardboard, two sheets of corrugated flute are glued between three sheets of liner. Double-walled boxes are commonly used for heavier products or products that require a more durable container for transport.Three-walled: This type of highly durable cardboard is made by gluing three sheets of corrugated flute between four sheets of liner. Three-walled box is the strongest type of cardboard box and is often used for packing industrial parts or producing box-like and durable boxes.

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